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Dh10,000 daily prize money brings happiness to raffle draw winners at Aldar Properties Abu Dhabi T10

Three winners of the daily raffle draw walked away with Dh10,000 each in the draws conducted
during the first three days at the Aldar Properties Abu Dhabi T10.
Every day, Aldar Properties Abu Dhabi T10 league shells out Dh10,000 throughout the ten-day
league – to bring smile to one of the cricket fans.
In order to participate in the raffle draw, a visitor to the stadium has to drop part of the ticket in the box. Every day, one lucky winner walks away with Dh10,000 cash prize money. However, in
order to win, the holder of the ticket has to be present in the stadium. Those who are absent
during the draw, do not qualify.
Syed Hassan Ali, a Pakistani eye specialist won the first draw conducted on Friday, November
15, 2019 while Bilal Hussain, a Pakistani worker won the prize in the raffle draw conducted on
Saturday, November 16, 2019. Sandip Taman, a Nepalese worker who came to the UAE on a
work visa barely two weeks ago, won Dh10,000 on Sunday, November 17, 2019 evening.
“We want to share our success with our stakeholders – hundreds of thousands of cricket fans.
We want to see more happy faces as they cheer for their favourite teams,” Shaji Ul Mulk,
Chairman of Aldar Properties Abu Dhabi T10, said. “The daily raffle draw is planned to give back
something to the crowd and spread happiness.
“I am happy to see this raffle win is making a difference in the life of the winners and adding
happiness to their daily life. It is a token of appreciation from us to the cricket fans across the
UAE and we would like to see more happy faces every day.”

Bilal, who recently married, said, “I am extremely happy to win the raffle and I will send the entire
amount to my family back home. It is a wonderful moment and I am really happy to win this
For Sandip Thamang, it is a big surprise and he looked visibly shocked with the win. “I landed in
the UAE two weeks ago, to work for a company. My visa is not yet stamped and I also do not
have my Emirates ID card. I came to watch cricket matches with friends and then I became
lucky,” said the visibly shaky winner, still trying to recover from the surprise.
Sandip, the only child of his parents, will send the money home to his parents. “It will be a
surprise gift to them, coming within weeks of my entry in to the UAE and I am really happy.”
He seemed to be worried of losing the jackpot, when officials asked for his identity card –
Emirates ID, or passport with visa stamped – none of which are ready.
Ismail Hassan, Head of Legal and Government Relations, said, “That’s not a problem, as long as
he produces an identity with a photo. This is a welcome gift from all of us to him to welcome
Sandip to the UAE.”
Bilal Hussain, a Pakistani national from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, said, this extra income
will bring added happiness to his family, including his parents, siblings and wife.
“I will send the money to my family and they will be really happy with this extra remittance. I am
happy that I came to watch T10 matches,” he said.
Aldar Properties Abu Dhabi T10 has budgeted Dh100,000 for raffle winners – to encourage more
people to come and watch matches every day.

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