Selection trials for AVC beach Volleyball U19 Men & women

Volleyball Federation of India is conduction Selection trials for upcoming AVC Beach Volleyball U19 Men & women, Thailand.Trials will be on 4th and 5th March 2018 in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Beach ground, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Selected player will have to attend camp (date will be announced shortly), and will participate in AVC Beach Volleyball U19 Men & women in Thailand.

All state units are requested to necessary details to Volleyball Federation of India.

Players are requested to contact their state units for the same.

Volleyball Federation of India announced partnership with Baseline Venture for Indian Volley League

The Volleyball Federation of India (VFI) today announced a ten-year partnership with sports marketing and branding firm Baseline Ventures to promote and build Indian volleyball.

The agreement was concluded on the sidelines of the 66th Senior National Volleyball Nationals at Calicut with the Core Committee of the VFI in attendance. The first project on the anvil for the partnership is the Professional Indian Volleyball League with franchises in major cities to be held in October 2018. The league for the first time in India will have Franchises owning both Men & Women teams.

The bid documents for the franchises for the new League is expected to be released by the middle of April 2018

Tuhin Mishra (Left), Nadarajan Jayakumar (Centre), Ramavtar Singh Jakhar (Right)

Speaking on the occasion, VFI Secretary General, Mr. Ramavtar Singh Jakhar said, ‘Volleyball is an extremely popular sport around the country, and India has always been competitive at the Asian level. We feel it is the right time to partner with professionals to take the game to the next level in India and continue to grow its appeal, specially with the new generation.”

Mr. Shekhar Bose- Treasurer, Mr. Irvin Soares-Vice-President, Mr. Kuldeep Magotra & Prof. Nalakath Basher- Associate Secretaries, Mr. Anil Chaudhary, B. L. Malhotra, Joint Secretaries, Dr. Hariom Pandey-M. P. & President, UP Volleyball Association, Mr. Sudhir Vats- President, Delhi Volleyball Association Mr. G.E. Sridharan – Arjun & Dronacharya Awardee & National Coach for Volleyball, Cyril C. Velur – Arjun Awardee, Abdul Razak- Former International Player, Mr. Vaishanav, Mr. Jerrom Vinit, Mr. Akhin , Mr. Vinit KUMAR, Mr. J. Nadarajan, International Volleyball Players, Ms. Nirmal, Ms. Priyanka Bohra & Ms. Vaishali Padtare, Ms. Jaisamma Moothadam, International Women Players, Mr. K. Vasavan-Asstt. Secretary, VFI and all the President & Secretaries of States/ units  of  Volleyball Federation of India were present at the occasion


The Managing Director of Baseline Ventures, Tuhin Mishra, was excited about the potential of Indian volleyball. “We have been working with the top sporting brands including FIFA and the ATP for sponsorship and marketing and have been evaluating all Indian sports for opportunities. As the 6th largest sport in the world, with around 900 million people playing globally, Volleyball has huge potential in India. We see this as an opportunity to really grow Volleyball and help realize its value.”


About Baseline Ventures :

Founded in 2014, Baseline Ventures is a leader in sports, events, entertainment and licensing with offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Singapore. Baseline represents and manages stars across sports and entertainment including PV Sindhu, Kidambi Srikanth, Ravindra Jadeja, Pankaj Advani, Zaira Wasim, Smriti Mandhana, Prithvi Shaw, Himanshu Rana, Arjun Maini and Ricky Donison. It also stages live events and branded entertainment experiences, strategises sponsorships and specialises in media rights distribution and brand licensing. Baseline has been working closely with sports organizations like the  IPL, FIFA, ATP and the NBA. The Volleyball Federation of India has been administering the sport of Volleyball in India since 1951 and is India’s representative to the FIVB.

Uttar Pradesh Boys and Girls makes to semifinals of Volleyball events in Khelo India School Games

Uttar Pradesh school team makes it to the semifinals of both Boys and Girls event at ongoing Volleyball – Khelo India School Games at Delhi.

Uttar Pradesh Boys finished top in Group A with 3 wins followed by Kerala boys who managed to win 2 matches in the Group followed by team from Gujarat and Rajasthan. In boys group B Delhi with all 3 wins and Uttarakhand moves to semifinals, Andra Pradesha dn Tamil nadu remains in bottom of the group.

In Girls group A, West Bengal won all 3 matches and that too without loosing a set in group stages, Uttar pradesh girls finished second in group A followed by Punjab and Delhi.

In Girls group B, Maharashtra girls and Gujarat finished in top 2 positions followed by Kerala and Tamil nadu.

In Boys Semifinal 1, Uttar Pradesh Boys will play against Uttarakhand Boys and in semifinal 2 Delhi Boys will face Kerala Boys.

In Girls semifinal 1, West Bengal Girls vs Gujarat Girls and in semifinal 2 Maharashtra Girls vs Uttar Pradesh Girls,


Volleyball in Khelo India School Games kicked off in style

Volleyball in Khelo India kicked off in style. With team from 8 states taking part in each Boys and Girls competitions. Both Boys and Girls are divided in 2 Groups with 4 teams in each group for League matches. After League matches top teams from each group would march in to Semifinals.


It is gratifying to note that the 1st Khelo India School Games (Volleyball) for Boys & Girls is being hosted jointly by the Sports Authority of India, School Games Federation of India under the auspices of Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India and Volleyball Federation of India at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi from 1st to 5th February, 2018.
Qualified 08 Boys and 08 Girls teams are taking part in 1st Khelo India School Games 2018 and I hope that all teams will give their excellent performance for the public and will carry sweet memories of their participation.
1st Khelo India School Games 2018 is not only for winning medals but also an effort to give strength to a mass movement to the young players for playing more. We wants to draw our focus on every aspect that would make sports more popular across the nation we urged the youth to take up to sports actively as it is an important tool for the development of the nation.
I convey my good luck and best wishes to all the participating teams and officials of this Mega events.



Results of Karnataka state “B” Division volleyball championship

Karnataka state “B” Division volleyball championship held at Sri Kanteerava outdoor volleyball grounds, Bangalore from 12th to 16th October 2016




#3: Atlas (J.P.Nagar)



#FINAL: TAURIANS bt BOSCH by 3-1 Sets, Score is: 25-15, 25-21, 21-25 & 25-19,(Duration 85 Min)

3/4 Place: Atlas (J.P.Nagar) bt KV Trust by 2-1 Sets, Score is: 25-20, 24-26 & 25-12 (Dur 50 Min)



#SF1:BOSCH bt ATLAS (J.P.NAGAR) by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-23 & 25-20,(Duration 40 Min)

#SF2: TAURIANS bt K.V.TRUST by 2-0 Sets, Score is:25-19 & 25-15, (Duration35 Minutes)


#QF1: Atlas (J.P.Nagar) bt B.Y.C by 2-O Sets, Score is: 25-23, 25-22 (Duration 45 Minutes)

#QF2: BOSCH bt B.T.E.R by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-20 & 25-17, (Duration 40 Minutes)

#QF3: K.V Trust bt Aditya College by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 26-24 & 25-22, (Duration 45 Minutes)

#QF4: Taurians bt Kempegowda Club by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-18 & 33-31, (Duration 45 Min)



#1: ATLAS J.P.NAGAR beat BEML COLONY by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-11, 26-24 (Dur 55 Minutes)

#2: BOSCH bt S.J.P by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-22 , 25-10  (Duration 40 Minutes)

#3: Eashanna Boys bt Risingstar Gama, by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-20, 25-16 (Dur 45 Minutes)

#4: K.F.S bt R.B.I by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-08, 25-19 (Duration 40 Minutes)

#5: Kempegowda Boys bt L.N.L, by 2-1 Sets, Score is: 13-25, 25-19, 15-11 (Dur 65 Minutes)

#6: UNITED CLUB bt V.Y.S by 2-0 Sets, Score is:25-14, 25-21, (Duration 45 Minutes)

#7: ADITYA COLLEGE bt ATLAS”A” by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-19, 25-19, (Duration 40 Minutes)

#8: BEML Colony bt Soundarya Club, by 2-1 Sets, Score is: 25-19, 25-27, 15-07, (Dur ,65Min)

#9: TAURIANS bt E.S.I by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-15, 25-17, (Duration 40 Minutes)

#10: M.V.L bt Kempe Gowda Boys by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 26-24, 25-23, (Duration 50 Minutes)

#11: KVV Trust bt Risingstar Beta by 2-1 Sets, Score is: 23-25, 25-18,15-12, (Dur 50 Minutes)

#12: B.T.E.R bt Christ University by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-17, 25-19, (Duration 40 Minutes)

#13: L.N.L bt ATLAS ’B’ by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-16, 25-23, (Duration 45 Minutes)

#14: B.Y.C bt M.V.L by 2-1 Sets, Score is: 25-23, 08-25, 15-10, (Duration 60 Minutes)

#15: TAURIANS bt R.B.I by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-18, 25-20, (Duration 40 Minutes)

#16: V.S.Y bt S.J.P by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-22, 25-20, (Duration 45 Minutes)

#17: Aditya College bt Risingstar Gama by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-16, 26-24, (Duration 45 Min)

#18: Atlas ‘A’ bt Soundarya Club by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-18, 25-21, (Duration 35 Minutes)

#19: Maani Club (Mangalore) bt Christ University by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-23, 25-19 (Duration 40 Minutes)

#20: TAURIANS bt K.F.S by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-16, 25-22, (Duration 35 Minutes)

#21: Eashanna Boys bt Atlas ‘A’ by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 33-31, 25-20, (Duration 45 Minutes)

#22: BOSCH bt United Club by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-18, 25-14, (Duration 40 Minutes)

#23: E.S.I bt R.B.I by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 26-24, 25-16, (Duration 40 Minutes)

#24: S.V.C bt Kempegowda Club by 2-1 Sets, Score is: 25-21, 15-25, 15-12,(Duration 50 Min)

#25: P.E.S.A bt ATLAS ‘A’ by 2-1 Sets, Score is: 27-25, 19-25, 15-09, (Duration 55 Minutes)

#26: BOSCH bt V.S.Y by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-16, 25-15, (Duration 40 Minutes)

#27: B.Y.C bt V.S.C by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-20, 25-17, (Duration 45 Minutes)

#28: Aditya College bt Eashanna Boys by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-22,25-21, (Duration 45 Min)

#29: Atlas”A” bt Risingstar Gama by 2-1 Sets, Score is: 25-15, 21-25& 15-07(Duration 45 Min)

#30: B.T.E.R bt Maani Club(Mangalore) by 2-0 Sets, Score is: 25-09 & 25-20,(Duration 35 Min)

#31: Kempegowda Boys bt Atlas’B’ by 2-1 Sets,Score is:25-17, 23-25&15-12(Duration50 Min)





BSF and Hoysal Sports Club win in Karnataka Volleyball Chamionship

On day 2 of 23rd Karnataka State Senior ‘A’ Division Volleyball championship for men & women held at Kittur Rani Chennamma sports complex, Jayanagar, Bangalore from 15th September to 2nd October 2016, BSF defeated DYES by 3-1. For BSF Gurusharan Singh & Amandeep Singh played well and for DYES Abhishek & Omkar Jadhav did commendable work.

In another match, Hoysal Sports club defeated BSNL by 3-1. For HYSA – Prashanth, Ashwal Rai & Sudeep Shetty did well and for BSNL – Ravikumar & Shravan Rao played good.


BSF, Bangalore25272529
DYES, Bangalore20292127


Hoysal sports club, Bangalore25232525
BSNL, Bangalore22251918



Karnataka State Senior ‘A’ Division starts from today in Bangalore

23rd Karnataka State Senior ‘A’ Division Volleyball Championship for Men starts from Today (15th September 2016) in Bangalore.  10 teams are participating this year’s championship being played in Kittur Rani Chennamma Stadium, Jayanagar, Bangalore.

The first match will be played between Postal Sports Club and DYES at 4:00 PM followed by 2 more matches on Day 1 in which BSF will take on KSP and ASC will play against Hoysal Sports Club.

Find the full fixture below.

Karnataka State Senior 'A' Division Volleyball Championship for Men