AIFF Announces Indian team for FIFA U17 World Cup

GOA, 21st September, 2017: History beckons for Indian football as twenty one players have been selected for the first ever Indian squad to participate in a FIFA World Cup, the Indian U-17 World Cup Squad, which will participate in the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017 India.


India have been drawn in Group A alongside USA, Colombia and Ghana, and will face USA on October 06, followed by Colombia and Ghana on October 09 and October 12 respectively at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi.


“We believe that we are prepared for the FIFA U-17 World Cup”, said Head Coach of the India U-17s Luis Norton de Matos. “We have worked hard and made progress, but at the same time we go directly to a high level competition against some of the best teams in the world”


“We will fight to win each match even if there is only five percent chance of winning. We will not give up and nothing is impossible in football”


“We plan to show the world that we are on the same page as them”, Matos added.


In an effort to field a strong team for the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017 India, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) provided exposure tours for the India U-17s wherein the Indian Colts faced Macedonia, Serbia and Benfica amongst other teams. The Indian Colts had also participated in a Four-Nation Tournament in Mexico where they lost against Mexico and Colombia, but held Chile to a 1-1 draw with ten-man.


“Against Chile and Macedonia we registered good results but the FIFA U-17 World Cup will be a competition and competitions are different from friendly matches”, Matos informed.


“However, the level of the players is very high and we plan to give it our all once the FIFA U-17 World Cup kicks-off”, Matos quipped.


The list of the 21 selected players follows below:


GOALKEEPERS: Dheeraj Singh, Prabhsukhan Gill, Sunny Dhaliwal

DEFENDERS: Boris Singh, Jitendra Singh, Anwar Ali, Sanjeev Stalin, Hendry Antonay, Namit Deshpande

MIDFIELDERS: Suresh Singh, Ninthoinganba Meetei, Amarjit Singh Kiyam, Abhijit Sarkar, Komal Thatal, Lalengmawia, Jeakson Singh, Nongdamba Naorem, Rahul Kannoly Praveen, Md. Shahjahan

FORWARDS: Rahim Ali, Aniket Jadhav

Ravi Dixit from Haryana breezed into the men’s semi-final of the Secunderabad Club Telangana Open 2017

Secunderabad: Seasoned Ravi Dixit from Haryana breezed into the men’s semi-final of the Secunderabad Club Telangana Open 2017, a two-star squash tournament, part of the national circuit here on Thursday.
The second seed Jamal Sdakaiab of Up also moved into the last four with ease. For the second day the Club courts witnessed hective activity with matches in various age categories in the boys and girls sections aside from the men’s over 35 years section.

Results: quarterfinals:

Men: Ravi Dixit (1), HR, bt Sanat Garg (9/16), WB, 11-7 11-3 11-4; Ashraf Hussain (5/8), DL, bt Sandeep Kondaparthy, TL, 11-1 11-5 11-3; Jamal Sakib (2), UP, bt Desappan Ravi (9/16), TN, 11-9 11-6 11-7; (pre-quarterfinal): Ravi Dixit (1), HR, bt Veduruvada Prasad, TL, 11-8 11-2 11-1; Sanat Garg (9/16), WB, bt Ankit Acharya (5/8), KA, 11-8 8-11 11-8 11-8; Ashraf Hussain (5/8), DL, bt Akash Ashokumar (9/16), TN, 11-9 11-7 11-8; Sandeep Kondaparthy, TL, bt Pratik Mohite (9/16), MH, 11-5 11-9 11-8; Vinoth Kumar Kuppusawmy (9/16), TN, bt Amrit Dasgupta, KA, 13-11 11-6 7-11 11-7; Desappan Ravi (9/16), TN, bt Rahul Kumar (5/8), KA, 11-3 11-3 11-4; Jamal Sakib (2), UP, bt Ravi Madabhushi (9/16), KA, 11-7 11-8 11-7


Boys: (U-17): Prithvi Singh (1), CH, bt Shlok Makhija, MH, 11-8 11-8 11-4; Jairaj Singh (3/4), RJ, bt R Kishore Arvind (5/8), TN, 7-11 11-5 12-14 16-14 12-10; Tejas Chawla (3/4), DL, bt Jayasai Yarram (5/8), TL, 11-3 11-3 11-3; Nikhil Jason (2), TN, bt Ashwin Kandath (5/8), DL, 11-6 11-4 9-11 11-4; (U-15): Navaneeth Prabhu S (1), TN, bt Aaryan Agarwal, MH, 11-7 11-4 11-6; Arman Darukhanawalla (3/4), MH, bt Ekam Singh (5/8), CH, 7-11 9-11 11-9 11-9 11-8; Athrva Yadav (3/4), DL, bt Arnav Mandhana (5/8), MH, 11-9 11-4 11-0; Lakshit Bohra (2), RJ, bt Adhil Mohammed Syed (5/8), TN, 11-5 11-4 11-5; (U-13): Rohan Arya Gondi (1), TL, bt Prithvi Yadav, CH, 11-6 11-7 11-6; Ranbir Minocha (3/4), MH, bt Vir Jain (5/8), DL, 11-6 10-12 11-8 12-10; Devay Mehta (3/4), MH, bt Adith Achpal (5/8), TN, 11-1 11-1 11-7; Sharan Punjabi (2), MH, bt Arjun Gupta (5/8), DL, 11-2 11-4 11-5; (U-11): Gurveer Singh (1), CH, bt Kavya Anand (5/8), MH, 11-6 11-4 11-6; Udit Mishra (3/4), RJ, bt Arjun Morey (5/8), MH, 11-6 11-9 11-9; Archith S (3/4), TN, bt Priyaan Thakker (5/8), MH, 11-6 11-3 4-11 11-6; Aakash Kannan (2), TN, bt Parth Dogra (5/8), KA, 11-5 11-4 11-4 .

Girls: (U-17): Shamita Yadav (3/4), CH, bt Pragya Nagori, TL, 11-4 11-3 13-11; Malavika Ajith, TN, bt Saumya Raj (3/4), KA, 11-3 3-11 11-7 11-3; Krithica J S (2), TN, bt Aishwaria Payyan, TL, 11-5 11-2 11-7; (U-15): Uditi Mishra (1), RJ, bt Nandana Raja, TN, 11-3 11-3 11-4; Anushka Rawat, GA, bt Netra Krishna (3/4), TN, 11-4 11-5 11-13 9-11 11-7; Trina Iris (3/4), TN, bt Aanchal Mishra, RJ, 11-2 11-7 11-4; Sarah Vethekar (2), MH, def. Aanchal Rathor, GA, 11-6 11-9 8-11 11-3; (U-13):Deepika Vinoth Kumar (1), TN, bt Tamanna D (5/8), TN, 11-4 11-6 11-2; Maansha Bohra (3/4), RJ, bt Shameena Riaz (5/8), TN, 11-8 8-11 11-4 11-8;
Ashmitha Kandhi Arumugam (3/4), TN, bt Tanishka Singh, GA, 11-8 11-1 11-5;
Tiana Parasrampuria (2), MH, bt Harini V, TN, 14-12 11-6 9-11 11-8; (U-11): QF
Anahat Singh (1), DL, bt Torita Chakravarty, TL, 11-1 11-0 11-2; Chhavi Saran (3/4), RJ, bt Pia Singh (5/8), MH, 11-7 11-5 11-3; Navya Sundararajan (3/4), UP, bt Nayantara Krishna (5/8), TN, 11-4 11-8 11-3; Ipsa Mishra (2), MH, bt Samairah Bhandare, GA, 11-5 11-0 11-0 .

Men(Over 35): Komal Jothi, KA, bt Prem Chander, CH, 11-7 11-2 11-2; Arvind Kumar G (5/8), TL, bt Sriram Rao (3/4), MH, 11-9 11-3 11-4;Kabir Subedar (3/4), MH, bt Lalit Kumar Agnihotri (5/8), MH, 11-7 11-6 11-6; Khushwant Singh (2), CH, bt Ravikrishna Burla, TL, 11-2 11-9 11-3.

Minerva colts invited to play a friendly against Columbia U-17 World Cup team.

After being the only team from the entire country to have been invited to play India U-17 World Cup team in Goa few months ago, Northern powerhouse and India’s largest football Academy Minerva Punjab FC add another feather to their cap as they are invited to play Columbian U-17 World Cup team in a friendly match in Gurgaon on 27th September. 
Colombia sealed their entry into the U-17 World Cup in dramatic style with a last-gasp 2-1 win over Paraguay in the last group match of the South American U-17 Championship (Campeonato Sudamericano Sub-17) could be tournament’s dark horses and are no stranger to the FIFA U-17 as they previously made it to the FIFA U-17 World Cup on five occasions, their best finish came in Finland 2003 and Nigeria 2009, when they finished third.
The Los Cafeteros U-17 team have already undergone three training camps ever since sealing qualification, with one of them happening in the seaside city of Barranquilla, where temperatures are closest to what the team will experience in India.
Meanwhile Minerva Punjab FC Owner & CEO Ranjit Bajaj fell short of words to express how fortunate he was to have been getting a chance to test his Academy products against the finest talents of International Football. 
Ironically, Columbia are placed in Group A with the likes of United States of America (USA), Two-time champions at the FIFA U-17 World Cup Ghana and Host country India which comprises of 5 Minervan players namely defending strong holds Anwar Ali and Narender Gahlot, Midfield general Jackson Singh and strikers Nongdamba Naorem and Shubhan Sarangi. 
Match Details : 
Minerva U-17 vs Columbia U-17 
Venue : Heritage College Academy Grounds. 
Date : 27th September 
Time : 6.00pm 
Basketball Federation of India

Team ONGC all set to participate in the FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2017

Bengaluru/Chenzhou, 21st September2017Team ONGC is all set to participate in the FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2017, which will be held from 22-30 September at the Chenzhou Sports Complex, Chenzhou, Hunan, China.

The ONGC team will be lead by the veteran Indian wingman Vishesh Bhriguvanshi alongside a few other significant experienced players like Yadwinder Singh, Muraleekrishna Ravindran, Arjun Singh and Riyaz Uddin. The team will surely miss its star Centre Amritpal Singh who is currently playing for the Sydney Kings in the NBL. The rest of the team comprises  Mohit Bhandari, Vinay Dabas, Anoop Mukkanniyil, Abhishek Rai and Udaibhan Singh Rawat.

ONGC will be opening their campaign against the Taipei Dacin Tigers on 22nd September at 1430 local time(1200 IST) followed by games against China Kashgar(24th September 1930 local time/1700 IST), Al Riyadi (25th September 2130 local time/1900 IST) and Al Ahli (26th September 1430 local time/1200 IST).

ONGC were drawn into Group B together with Al Ahli of UAE, Al Riyadi of Lebanon, Dacin Tigers of Chinese Taipei and defending champions China Kashgar. The top four teams in each group will move on to the knockout Quarter-Finals, where the winners will advance to the Semi-Finals. The winners in the Semi-Finals will compete for the FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2017 crown in the Final. ONGC fell short of making it past the group phase in last year’s Champions Cup, losing all their three games, but they are aiming for a higher finish this time around.

For further updates and news you can also check the official event website:

ONGC India roster for FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2017

Jersey No. Family Name(s)

/ Last Name

First Name(s)

/ Given Name

Date of Birth


Place of Birth

(City and State)



(ft & inches)









186(6’1″) 74








198(6’5″) 96








192(6’3″) 91






Rasulpur Khurd


198(6’5″) 94








186(6’1″) 66








186(6’1″) 88








203(6’6.6″) 112








186(6’1″) 84








186(6’1″) 73




Udaibhan Singh




174(5’7″) 76


Team Manager Mr. Vikas TOMAR
Coach Mr. Trideep RAI
Assistant Coach Mr. Dinesh KUMAR
Official Dr. Raj Kumar DUBEY
Physiotherapist Mr. Aftab AHMED

Results of 63rd West Bengal School Inter District & State TT Championships

 63rd West Bengal School Inter District & State TT Championships 2017 orgd. by District Council for School Games & Sports, South Kolkata at the auditorium of Jadavpur Sanskritik Sandhya between 15-18 September, 2017.
About 150 Boys & Girls from the following District Schools took part in the above meet.
Central Kolkata, Hooghly, Howrah, Nadia, North 24 Pgs, Purulia, South 24 Pgs & host District South Kolkata !
Final Results of the Individual Events :
Under- 14 Girls:
Oishiki Joardar (N24) bt Sneha Bhowmik (N24) by 3-1
3rd: Nilisma Sarkar (N24)
Under- 14 Boys:
Gourab Das (N24) bt Mayukh Saha (N24) by 3-0
3rd: Arup Saha (N24).
Under- 17 Girls: 
Poymantee Baisya (HG) bt Poulomi Nath (N24) by 3-0
3rd: Angana Saha (HG).
Under- 17 Boys:
Tamal Ballav (HW) bt Snehasis Pal (N24) by 3-2
3rd: Akash Pal (HG).
Under- 19 Girls: 
Tulika Roy (N24) bt Premangi Ghosh (HG) by 3-0
3rd: Indira Pal (HG).
Under-19 Boys:
Udit Bhattacharya (N24) bt Avijit Basu (N24) by 3-2
3rd: Shubhadeep Das (N24)
Prizes given by Arjuna Soumyadeep Roy, Prof. Shiddhartha Majumder & other dignitories form School Directorate, Govt. of west Bengal.
Now Final Results of Team Championships: 
Under- 14 Girls:
North 24 Pgs bt Hooghly by 3-1
Under- 14 Boys:
North 24 Pgs. bt South Kolkata by 3-0
Under- 17 Girls:
Hooghly bt South Kolkata by 3-0
Under- 17 Boys:
Hooghly bt South Kolkata by 3-0
Under- 19 Girls: 
Hooghly bt North 24 Pgs. by 3-2
Under-19 Boys:
North 24 Pgs. bt South Kolkata by 3-0
Prizes given by Arjuna Soumyadeep Roy, Prof. Shiddhartha Majumder & other dignitories form School Directorate, Govt. of west Bengal.
Photo of the Individual Winners is attached herewith.
From left: Tulika Roy, Poymantee Baisya, Oishiki Joardar, Gourab Das, Tamal Ballav & Udit Bhatacharya.

Secunderabad ClubTelengana Open Squash: Tamil Nadu players shines

Secunderabad: Tamil Nadu players were in focus in the junior boys section of the Secunderabad ClubTelengana Open Squash, a two-star national tournament which got underway here on Wednesday.

Expectedly the three glass courts at the Secunderabad club was a beehive of activity as matches went on non stop from morning. There were a spate of walk overs too but overall it was a day that witness keen tussles and a few close wins.

The tournament is being held for the first time after the formation of Telengana State.

The results:

Boys: pre-quarterfinal: U-11: Gurveer Singh (1), CH, bt Darshil Parasrampuria, TN, 11-3 11-4 11-5; Kavya Anand (5/8), MH, bt Shaurya Shah, MH, 11-5 11-8 11-3; Arjun Morey (5/8), MH, bt Dushyant Dhar Dubey, MH, 11-1 11-8 8-11 13-11; Archith S (3/4), TN, bt Aryan Shah, MH, 11-5 11-9 11-7; Priyaan Thakker (5/8), MH, bt Naithik D, TN, 11-0 11-3 11-0; Aakash Kannan (2), TN, bt Advaith J, TN, 11-3 11-2 11-3; (U-13): Rohan Arya Gondi (1), TL, bt Hunarpal Kohli, MH, 11-8 11-2 11-2; Vir Jain (5/8), DL, bt Dheemant Dhar Dubey, MH, 11-9 11-7 7-11 5-11 11-5; Ranbir Minocha (3/4), MH, bt Arihant Chordia, TN, 11-5 11-5 12-10; Adith Achpal (5/8), TN, bt Paygun Eshwar, TN, 11-5 11-4 11-2; (U-15): Navaneeth Prabhu S (1), TN, bt Akanksh Nair, AP, 11-6 11-6 11-6 (U-17): round one: Nandha Kumar, TN, bt R J Israel Titus Raja, TN, 11-8 8-11 13-11 11-7; Ashwin Krishnan, HP, bt Krishang Agarwal, MH, 11-5 11-2 11-1 .

Girls: Ankit Acharya (5/8), KA, bt Dhananjay Mundhra, TL, 11-3 11-2 11-7; Ashraf Hussain (5/8), DL, bt Sathyanandhan Mp, TN, 11-5 11-6 11-0; Akash Ashokumar (9/16), TN, bt Shiva Nagarale, KA, 11-1 11-4 11-3 ; Pratik Mohite (9/16), MH, w/o Srijan Singh, KA,; Arjun Sitaram, KA, bt Shankaran Parthiban (9/16), TN, 11-8 11-6 11-4; Prateek Gwalani, TL, w/o Shashi Pandey (5/8), MH; Rahul Kumar (5/8), KA, w/o Neeraj Rana, TL; Desappan Ravi (9/16), TN, bt Aditya Rajpal, KA, 11-4 11-6 11-5; Ravi Madabhushi (9/16), KA, w/o Rishi Gaggar, TL; Jamal Sakib (2), UP bt Naseem Ali, AP, 11-3 11-6 11-5; (round one): Jeganraj Jeyaprakasam, KA, bt Amarendu Srivastava, UP, 11-5 11-4 11-3; Naseem Ali, AP, bt Jebindran V, TN, 11-3 11-1 11-8 .

Men (Over 35): pre-quarterfinal: Prem Chander, CH, w/o Harjinder Singh (1), DL; Komal Jothi, KA, bt Promod Dogra (5/8), MH, 11-2 11-3 11-1; Arvind Kumar G (5/8), TL, bt Rakesh Kumar Saran, RJ, 11-3 11-3 11-5; Sriram Rao (3/4), MH, bt Ankur Sood, CH, 11-5 11-6 11-7; Kabir Subedar (3/4), MH, bt Priyatosh Dubey, TL, 11-5 5-11 11-8 11-4; Lalit Kumar Agnihotri (5/8), MH, bt Sitaram Harihar, TL, 11-9 7-11 12-10 5-11 13-11; Ravikrishna Burla, TL, w/o Rajeev Bhatia (5/8), MP; Khushwant Singh (2), CH, bt Prem Chand, TL, 15-13 11-3 13-11.

Hockey India announces 18-member India A team for Australian Hockey League 2017 (Women)

New Delhi, 19th September 2017Hockey India today announced the India A Women’s team to participate in the Australian Hockey League 2017 (Women) which starts on 28th September 2017.

The team will be Captained by forward Preeti Dubey while Udita will shoulder the responsibility of Vice Captain.

The team consists of goalkeepers Divya Thepe and Bichu Devi Kharibam, while Neelu Dadiya, Ashmita Barla, Priyanka, Suman Devi Thoudam and Salima Tete will be given the defensive duties. Vice-Captain Udita, Ishika Choudhary, Mahima Choudhary, Gagandeep Kaur, Nilanjali Rai and Mariana Kujur will be vying for the midfield spots in the team. Captain Preeti Dubey, Sangita Kumari, Jyoti, Navpreet Kaur and Mumtaz Khan will form the forward line.

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It will be the first time that the India A Women’s team will take part in the Australian Hockey League (Women). There will be a total of 10 teams in the tournament divided into two Pools of five teams each which will include defending Champions Queensland, Victoria, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory, New Zealand Development and India A Team. Australian Hockey League is the country’s premier domestic hockey tournament and consists of top class hockey players from Australia as they represent their home State or Territory.

“Taking part in the Australian Hockey League will certainly benefit our team as they will be playing against some top-class players. The exposure this side will get will do a world of good for them and help us further in identifying the next line of talent and create a larger elite pool,” stated Baljeet Saini, Coach of Junior Women’s Team, who will also be coaching the India A team during AHL.

India A Women’s Team:

1.  Divya Thepe
2.  Bichu Devi Kharibam

3.  Neelu Dadiya
4. Ashmita Barla
5. Priyanka
6. Suman Devi Thoudam
7. Salima Tete

8. Udita (Vice Captain)
9. Ishika Choudhary
10. Mahima Choudhary
11. Gagandeep Kaur
12. Nilanjali Rai
13. Mariana Kujur

14. Preeti Dubey (Captain)
15. Sangita Kumari
16. Jyoti
17. Navpreet Kaur
18. Mumtaz Khan

Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania will give the India A team company in Pool B. The India A team will play their opening match of the tournament against Victoria on Friday 29th September 2017.

Indian Women’s Hockey Team beat Belgium Junior Men’s Team 4-3 in a thrilling encounter

Antwerp (Belgium), 18 September, 2017: The Indian Women’s Hockey team ended their Europe Tour on a high as they beat the Belgium Junior Men’s Team 4-3 in a pulsating encounter here on Monday. Goals from Gurjit Kaur (7’, 11’) and Captain Rani (13’, 33’) gave visitors their first win of the tour.
A rampant Indian team started the match with some enthralling attacking play as they earned a penalty corner in the 7th minute which was well converted by drag-flicker Gurjit Kaur to give India the lead. The defender extended India’s lead in the 11th minute as she converted another penalty corner to make it 2-0. Captain Rani also got onto the score sheet as she scored a well taken field goal in the 13th minute to make it 3-0 for the visitors at the end of the first quarter.
The second quarter began with goalkeeper Rajani Etimarpu making her second diving save of the match to deny the Belgians from opening their account. India displayed grit and fight throughout the second quarter as they held onto their 3-0 lead at the end of 30 minutes.
India started the third quarter with some high intensity play which paid off for them in the 33rd minute as Rani scored her second of the match to make it 4-0. However, Belgium finally managed to get past India’s sturdy defence when Thibault Neven converted a PC in the 38th minute to make it 1-4. The hosts produced a great field goal in the 42nd minute via William Van Dessel to end the 3rd quarter with India leading 4-2.
The Belgium Junior Men’s team carried on the momentum in the fourth quarter as Mathias Relik converted a PC giving them their third in the 48th minute to make it 3-4. It was a nervy last ten minutes for the visitors as Belgium piled on some pressure to find the equaliser. However, the Indian team held onto their nerves and defended as a unit to see out a well-deserved 4-3 victory.
Please find attached the updated schedule from the match between Indian Women’s Hockey team and Belgium Junior Men’s team.

IOA President discusses Asian Beach Games 2020 with OCA President

Chennai: The President of the Indian Olympic Association Mr N. Ramachandran had a discussion on the possibility of India hosting the Asian Beach Games in 2020 with the Olympic Council of Asia, Mr Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) on Sunday.

Mr Ramachandran is in the Turkmenistan capital in connection with the inauguration of the Asian Indoor and Martial Games which is being held there from September 17 to 27 as also the OCA’s General Assembly which is scheduled there on September 20. A decision on the allotment of the Beach Games is expected to be taken at the General Assembly. India’s bid would be subject to the Union Government’s approval, Mr Ramachandran said.

India is also a participant in the ten-day Indoor Games in Ashgabat. The IOA President said he had also discussed with the OCA President the India contingent’s participation in this Games. Other development activities of the IOA also came up in the discussion, he added.

Hockey India announces 18-Member Indian Men’s Hockey team for Hero Asia Cup 2017

New Delhi, 16 September 2017Hockey India on Saturdayannounced the 18-member Indian Men’s Hockey team for the Hero Asia Cup 2017 which takes place from 11th – 22nd October, 2017 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The team will be Captained by Manpreet Singh while S.V Sunil will shoulder the duties of Vice-Captain.

After giving some top junior players some good exposure in the recent Europe Tour, Hockey India named a squad with a balance of youth and experience. Goalkeepers Akash Chikte and Suraj Karkera retain their spot in the squad whereas defenders Harmanpreet Singh and Surender Kumar make a return after being rested for the Europe Tour. The 18-member team will also see the return of experienced hands in Sardar Singh, SV Sunil, Akashdeep Singh and Satbir Singh.

“I am looking forward to working with the team which has been picked to have a good blend of experience and youth. The upcoming Hero Asia Cup 2017 will be our first tournament together, and I am very excited to see how the team expresses their leadership qualities on the field. I have previously watched the team live in Netherlands, and I feel that the energy within the team and their play is very impressive. We will be focusing on performing well as a team and will be aiming to win the tournament,” expressed Chief Coach Sjoerd Marijne.

India feature in Pool A alongside Japan, hosts Bangladesh and Pakistan. They will start their tournament against Japan on October 11, 2017 before facing Bangladesh on October 13, 2017. The team will play their third and final league match of the Hero Asia Cup 2017 against Pakistan on October 15, 2017.

Ahead of their departure for the Hero Asia Cup 2017, the national squad will continue their National Camp untilOctober 5, 2017.

1.     Akash Anil Chikte
2.     Suraj Karkera

3.     Dipsan Tirkey
4.     Kothajit Singh
5.     Surender Kumar
6.     Harmanpreet Singh
7.     Varun Kumar

8.    SK Uthappa
9.    Sardar Singh
10.  Manpreet Singh (Captain)
11.  Chinglensana Singh
12.  Sumit

13.  SV Sunil (Vice Captain)
14.  Akashdeep Singh
15.  Ramandeep Singh
16.  Lalit Kumar Upadhyay
17.  Gurjant Singh
18.  Satbir Singh

India will play Japan in their first match on 11 October 2017 at 14:30 hours IST.