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India at 22nd Asian Athletics Championship – Day 1

India Won 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 4 Bronze medals in Day 1 of the 22nd Asian Athletics Championship, here in Bhubaneswar.


Start Time
2017-07-06 08:30:00 Male 100m Decathlon 1 ABHISHEK SHETTY 11.78 7th – 695 Pts
2017-07-06 08:50:00 Female 1500m Round 1 – Heat 1 MONIKA CHOUDHARY 4:26.25  4th (Qualified)
2017-07-06 09:00:00 Female 1500m Round 1 – Heat 2 CHITRA P U 4:36.80 2nd (Qualified)
2017-07-06 09:10:00 Male 1500m Round 1- Heat1 SIDDHANTA ADHIKARI 3:57.46 2nd (Qualified)
2017-07-06 09:10:00 Male Long Jump Decathlon-2 ABHISHEK SHETTY 6.62m 7th – 725 Pts.
2017-07-06 09:20:00 Male High Jump Qualification Group 1 CHETHAN B. 2.10m 1st (combine)
2017-07-06 09:20:00 Male High Jump Qualification Group 1 AJAY KUMAR 2.10m 1st (combine)
2017-07-06 09:20:00 Male 1500m Round 1-Heat 2 AJAY KUMAR SAROJ  3:51.37 1st (Qualified)
2017-07-06 09:35:00 Male 400m Round 1-Heat 1 MUHAMMED ANAS Y  46.70 2nd (Qualified)
2017-07-06 09:45:00 Male 400m Round 1- Heat 2 AROKIA RAJIV 46.41 1st (Qualified)
2017-07-06 09:55:00 Male 400m Round 1- Heat 2 AMOJ JACOB 47.09 1st (Qualified)
2017-07-06 10:15:00 Male Shot Put Decathlon-3 ABHISHEK SHETTY 13.52 2nd – 699 Pts
2017-07-06 18:00:00 Male Discus throw Final VIKAS GOWDA  60.81m  BRONZE
2017-07-06 18:00:00 Male Discus throw Final DHARAMRAJ YADAV 54.53m 11th
2017-07-06 18:00:00 Male Discus throw Final KIRPAL SINGH 53.64m 13th
2017-07-06 18:00:00 Male High Jump Decathlon 4 ABHISHEK SHETTY 1.89m 6th
2017-07-06 18:05:00 Male Pole Vault Final S. SIVA  NM All faults
2017-07-06 18:10:00 Female Long Jump Final NAYANA JAMES 6.54m  SILVER
2017-07-06 18:10:00 Female Long Jump Final NEENA V. 6.32m BRONZE
2017-07-06 18:10:00 Female Long Jump Final G. KARTHIKA 5.96m 8th
2017-07-06 18:30:00 Female 100m Round 1-Heat 3 DUTEE CHAND  11.40 1st (Qualified)
2017-07-06 18:45:00 Male 100m Round 1- Heat 1 AMIYA KUMAR MALLICK 10.48 3rd
2017-07-06 18:45:00 Female Shot Put Final MANPREET KAUR 18.28m GOLD
2017-07-06 18:45:00 Female Shot Put Final ANAMIKA DAS 14.96m 5th
2017-07-06 18:45:00 Female Shot Put Final RAMANPREET KAUR 14.91m 6th
2017-07-06 19:25:00 Female 400m Round 1- Heat 1 NIRMLA 52.79  1st (Qualified)
2017-07-06 19:35:00 Female 400m Round 1- Heat 2 JISNA MATHEW  53.18 2nd (Qualified)
2017-07-06 19:35:00 Female 400m Round 1- Heat 2 M R POOVAMMA  53.16  1st (Qualified)
2017-07-06 19:40:00 Male 400m Semi Final- Heat 1 MUHAMMED ANAS Y
2017-07-06 19:40:00 Male 400m Semi Final- Heat 2 AMOJ JACOB
2017-07-06 19:40:00 Male 400m Semi Final- Heat 2 AROKIA RAJIV
2017-07-06 19:45:00 Female Javelin Throw Final ANNU RANI 57.32m  BRONZE
2017-07-06 19:45:00 Female Javelin Throw Final POONAM RANI  52.56m 8th
2017-07-06 19:45:00 Female Javelin Throw Final SUMAN DEVI  50.90m 10th
2017-07-06 20:10:00 Female 5000M Final L. SURIYA 16:01.96 4th
2017-07-06 20:10:00 Female 5000M Final SANJIVANI JADHAV 16:00.24 BRONZE
2017-07-06 20:55:00 Male 5000m Final MURLI KUMAR GAVIT 15:02.43  6th
2017-07-06 20:55:00 Male 5000m Final G. LAKSHMANAN  14:54.48  GOLD
2017-07-06 21:35:00 Male 400m Decathlon – 5 ABHISHEK SHETTY 52.02 6th – 724 Pts

Asian Athletics Championship 2017: Morning Session report

Bhubanseswar, July 6: India’s Arokia Raj came up with the fastest time (46.61 seconds) in round one of the glamourous men’s 400m on the opening morning of competition in the 22nd Asian Athletics Championships at the Kalinga Stadium here on Wednesday.

Here’s an account of the proceedings.


Thailand’s Suttisak Singkon came up with solid efforts in long jump (7.79m) and shot put (14.09m) to grab the lead after the first three events. He was second behind Japanese Kazuya Kawaski in 100m dash, unable to breach the 11-second mark, but came into his own in the two field events on the opening morning. Silver medallist the last time in Wuhan, China’s Guo Qi, who has a season’s best of 7517 points under his belt, did not find his rhythm and is lying fifth among seven starters.

Men’s 400m round one:

India’s Arokia Rajiv held off a challenge from Sri Lankan Ajith Premakumara in the second heat to emerge the fast qualifier with a time of 46.41 seconds. Oman’s Mubarak Ahmed was a comfortable winner of the fourth heat in 46.51 seconds while Sri Lanka’s Dilip Ruwan, who beat home favourite Muhammaed Anas in the opening heat, was third fastest with 46.58. The third Indian in the fray Amoj Jacob was the best in the slowest of the four heats, winning in 47.09. Saudi Arabia’s Ismaeel Mohammed, who was drawn in the same heat as Mubarak Ahmed, clocked the fourth fastest time in the heats (46.60).

Men’s 1500m round one:

India’s Ajay Kumar Saroj got the crowd on its feet with a stirring run over the final 450m that saw him win the second heat in 3:51.37 from Iran’s Moslam Niadoost (Iran) and Adnan Taes (Iraq); Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed Othman, who was challenging the Indian on the final bend, lost steam in the final 50m and finished fourth.

Earlier, Qatar’s Jamal Hairane won the first heat quite comfortably while Indian SIddhantha Adhikari came up with a good finishing burst to move into second place.

Men’s high jump qualification:

The gangling Zhang Guowei (China), world championship silver medallist, sent out a strong signal to his competitors when qualifying for the final by clearing at 2.10m. Takahari Hiromi (Japan), Bai Long (China), Syrian  Majed El Dein Ghazal and Korean Woo Sang-Hyeok as well Indians B Chethan and Ajay Kumar were among the 14 who cleared this height and ensured a place in the final. Bangladesh’s Mahfuzur Rahman and Kuwait’s Abdal Rahman Alyouga were the ones who went out of the qualification, unable to clear 2.04m and 2.00m respectively.

Women’s 1500m round one:

India’s Chitra PU bravely hung in as part of a tight bunch of six runners and found her way through to lead briefly on the home stretch of the second heats – giving the goodly crowd at the Kalinga Stadium reason to cheer. However, Japan’s Ayako Jinnouchi surged forward to break the beam while North Korea’s Hyo Sim’s desperate lunge at the finish earned her the third place.

In a faster heat earlier, China’s Geng Min ran along the shoulders of front-running Japanese Nozomi Tanaka for a long while and after Jordan’s Tamara Amer shifted gears to take the bell, Gen Min responded with a kick over the last 250m that saw her home comfortably ahead of the others. India’s Monika Choudhary, lying sixth for much of the race, despite some jostling moved up to fourth place with a hardy effort over the last 150m.

Neeraj Chopra set for Diamond League debut in Paris

Paris: A confident Neeraj Chopra will be in action at the IAAF Diamond League, to be held at the Charlety Stadium in Paris, where he will go up against three of the world’s finest javelin throwers, on Saturday. German Olympic champion Thomas Rohler, Johannes Vetter and Czech thrower Jakub Vadlejch, last year’s Diamond Trophy winner, will be part of the list that includes Chopra, who ranks 14 in the world.

Following a three-medal show at the Asian Grand Prix in Jixiang in May, Chopra claimed Gold at the Federation Cup Athletics meet in Patiala with a meet record throw of 85.63 meters.

“I’m really looking forward to making my Diamond League debut and giving my best. This competition has been a target ever since the World Championships in Bydgoszcz and I’ve been working really hard in Patiala in the run up to this,” said Chopra.

The youngster believes this run of competitions will serve him well ahead of the IAAF World Championships, to be held in London in August.

“The Diamond League is a competition where I stand to gain a lot of exposure and the experience will be of huge importance as I work my way towards the World Championships. I am really eager to be in the same fray as some of the finest in the sport,” he added.

Schedule of 22nd Asian Athletics Championship


Day 1

6th July 2017 – Morning

Start Time Gender Event Round
08.30 Men 100m Decathlon
08.50 Women 1500m Round 1
09.10 Men 1500m Round 1
09.20 Men High Jump Qualification
09.35 Women 400m Round 1
09.10 Men Long Jump Decathlon
10.00 Men 400m Round 1
10.15 Men Shot Put Decathlon

6th July 2017 – Afternoon

Start Time Gender Event Round
18.00 Men Discus throw Final
18.00 Men High Jump Decathlon
18.05 Men Pole Vault Final
18.10 Women Long Jump Final
18.15 Women 100m Round 1
18.45 Men 100m Round 1
18.40 Women Shot Put Final
19.25 Women 400m Semi Final
19.40 Men 400m Semi Final
19.45 Women Javelin Final
19.45 Women Javelin Final
20.00 Women Long Jump MC
20.10 Women 5000m Final
20.35 Men Discus Throw MC
20.40 Women Long Jump MC
20.40 Men 5000m Final
21.00 Men Pole Vault MC
21.05 Women Shot Put MC
21.10 Men 400m Decathlon
21.20 Women Javelin MC
21.25 Women 5000m MC
21.30 Men 5000m MC

Day 2

7th July 2017 – Morning

Start Time Gender Event Round
09.00 Men 110m Decathlon
09.20 Women 400m Hurdles Round 1
09.40 Men Discus Throw Decathlon
10.00 Men 400m Hurdles Round 1
10.30 Women 4×100 Relay Round 1
10.45 Men 4×100 Relay Round 1
10.50 Men Pole vault Decathlon

7th July 2017 – Afternoon

Start Time Gender Event Round
18.00 Men Javelin throw Decathlon
18.05 Women 100 Semi Final
18.15 Men Triple Jump Final
18.20 Women High Jump Final
18.25 Men 100 Semi Final
18.30 Men Shot Put Final
18.55 Women 100m Hurdles Round 1
19.25 Women 110m Hurdles Round 1
19.55 Women 400m Final
20.05 Men 400m Final
20.15 Women 1500m Final
20.25 Men 1500m Final
20.30 Women Hammer Throw Final
20.35 Women 400m MC
20.40 Men 400m MC
20.45 Men 1500 Decathlon
21.10 Men Triple Jump MC
21.05 Men 400H Semi Final
20.55 Men Shot Put MC
21.35 Men Decathlon MC
21.25 Women 100m Final
21.10 Women 1500m MC
21.30 Men 1500m MC
21.40 Men 100m Final
21.50 Women 100 MC
21.55 Men 100 MC
22.00 Women Hammer Throw MC

Day 3

8th July 2017 – Morning

Start Time Gender Event Round
09.00 Women 100 m Hurdles Heptathlon
09.10 Men Long Jump Qualification
09.20 Women 800m Round 1
09.35 Men 800m Round 1
09.40 Women High Jump Heptathlon
10.00 Women 100m Hurdles Semi Final
10.20 Men 110m Hurdles Semi Final

8th July 2017 – Afternoon

Start Time Gender Event Round
18.00 Men Hammer throw Final
18.00 Women 100m Hurdles Final
18.15 Men 110m Hurdles Final
18.25 Men High Jump Final
18.30 Women Shot put Heptathlon
18.30 Women 3000m SC Final
18.35 Women Triple Junp Round 1
18.45 Men 3000m SC Final
19.00 Women 100m Hurdles MC
19.05 Men 110m Hurdles MC
19.10 Women 200m Round 1
19.30 Women Short put Final
19.35 Women 3000m SC MC
19.40 Men 3000m SC MC
19.45 Men 200m Round 1
20.15 Women Triple Jump MC
20.20 Women 400m Hurdles Final
20.35 Men 400m Hurdles Final
20.45 Women 4x100m Relay Final
21.00 Men High Jump MC
21.05 Men 4x100m Relay Final
21.25 Men Hammer throw MC
21.30 Women Shot Put MC
21.35 Women 200m Heptathlon
21.50 Women 400m Hurdles MC
21.55 Men 400m Hurdles MC

Day 4

9th July 2017 – Morning

Start Time Gender Event Round
09.10 Women Long Jump Heptathlon
09.20 Women 200m Semi Final
09.35 Men 200m Semi Final
09.50 Women Javelin Heptathlon
10.00 Women 4x400m Heats
10.15 Men 4x400m Heats

9th July 2017 – Afternoon

Start Time Gender Event Round
17.30 Women Pole Vault Final
17.30 Women Discus Final
17.40 Women 200m Final
17.45 Men Long Jump Final
18.30 Women Shot put Heptathlon
17.50 Men 200m Final
18.05 Women 800m Final
18.15 Men 800m Final
18.20 Women 4x100m MC
18.25 Men 4x100m MC
18.30 Women 800m Heptathlon
18.40 Women 10000m Final
19.20 Women 200m MC
19.25 Women Discus MC
19.30 Men 10000m Final
19.35 Men Javelin Final
20.10 Men 200m MC
20.15 Men 800m MC
20.20 Women 4x100m Relay Final
20.25 Women 800m MC
20.30 Women 10000m MC
20.35 Men 10000m MC
20.40 Men 4x400m Relay Final
20.45 Women 4x400m Relay Final
20.50 Men 4x400m Relay MC

India enters strong 95-member squad:AFI chief confident of good showing

Bhubaneswar :: India has entered a strong 95-member squad, including 47 women, in the 22nd Asian Athletics Championship to be held at the refurbished Kalinga Stadium here from July 5 to 9. The Athletics Federation of India (AFI) believes that the performance of the home side will enhance the profile of track and field sport in the country.

“Our athletes have had a string of solid performances in the run-up to the competition and we believe they are primed to deliver their best here,” AFI President Adille Sumariwalla said. “We are sure they would win more than the 13 medals claimed in the last edition at Wuhan in China. Our team has  a number of proven performers and some exciting new talent.”

An Olympian sprinter himself, the AFI President said he was confident Odiya sprinters Dutee Chand and Srabani Nanda as well Amiya Kumar Malick in the men’s sprints would secure podium finishes. “Besides, there are a number of talented athletes like javelin throwers Neeraj Chopra and Annu Rani, long jumper Ankit Sharma, steeplechaser Sudha Singh and quarter-miler Nirmala besides the 4x400m women’s relay team that we have pinned our hopes on.”

AFI announced that the entry of seven athletes would be subject to their passing fitness trials here in Bhubaneswar ahead of AAC2017. Two women athletes, hurdler and long jumper Nayana James and triple jumper Joyline Murali Lobo as well as discus thrower Vikas Gowda, long jumper Siddharth Mohan Naik and triple jumper Karthik U would undergo trials on June 30 while high hurdler Siddhanth Thingalaya would face a trial on July 2.

The Men squad :

  • 100m and 200m : Amiya Kumar Mallick;
  • 400m :Muhammed Anas, Amoj Jacob and Arokia Rajiv;
  • 800m :Jinson Johnson and Vishambhar Keolkar;
  • 1500m :Ajay Kumar Saroj and Siddhantha Adhikari;
  • 5000m :G Lakshmanan and Murli Kumar Gavit;
  • 10,000m : Lakshmanan, Gopi Thonakal and Kalidas Hirave;
  • 3000m steeplechase : Naveen Kumar and Durga Bahadur Budha;
  • 110m hurdles : Siddhant Thingalaya* and Prem Kumar;
  • 400m hurdles : Jabir MP, Santhosh Kumar T and Durgesh Kumar Pal;
  • Pole vault : S Siva;
  • High jump : Chethan B and Ajay Kumar;
  • Long jump :Ankit Sharma, Samsheer SE and Siddharth Mohan Naik*;
  • Triple jump : Arpinder Singh and Karthik U*;
  • Shot put : Tajinder Pal Toor, Jasdeep Singh Dhillon and Omprakash Singh Karhana;
  • Discus throw : Vikas Gowda*, Dharamraj Yadav and Kirpal Singh;
  • Hammer throw :Niraj Kumar;
  • Javelin throw : Neeraj Chopa, Davinder Singh Kang and Abhishek Singh;
  • Decathlon : Jagtar Singh and Abhishek Shetty;
  • 4x100m relay : Amiya Kumar Mallick, Jyotishankar Debnath, Anuroop John, VK Elakkiya Dasan, Pravin Muthukumaran and Chintha Sudhakar;
  • 4x400m relay: Muhammed Anas, Amoj Jaco, Arokia Rajiv, Sachi Roby, Mohan Kumar and Kunju Muhammed.

The Female Squard :

  • 100m and 200m : Dutee Chand and Srabani Nanda;
  • 400m : Nirmala, MR Poovamma and Jisna Mathew;
  • 800m :Tintu Luka, Archana Adhav and Lili Das;
  • 1500m :Monika Choudhary;
  • 5000m :L Suriya and Sanjivani Jadhav;
  • 10,000m : L Suriya, Sanjivani Jadhav and Meenu;
  • 3000m :steeplechase: Sudha Singh and Parul Chaudhary;
  • 100m hurdles : Nayana James*;
  • 400m hurdles :Anu R, Jauna Murmu and Arpitha M.
  • Pole vault :KM Sangeeta; High jump: Sahana Kumari and Swapna Barman;
  • Long jump :Nayana James*, Neena V and  G Karthika;
  • Triple jump :Sheena NV and Joyline Murali Lobo*.
  • Shot put :Manpreet Kaur, Ramanpreet Kaur and Anamika Das;
  • Discus throw :Kamalpreeet Kaur Bal, Seema Punia and Himani Singh;
  • Hammer throw :Sarita R Singh and Gunjan Singh;
  • Javelin throw :Annu Rani, Poonam Rani Singh and Suman Devi.
  • Heptathlon :Swapna Barman, Purnima Hembram and Liksy Joseph.
  • 4x100m relay :Dutee Chand, Srabani Nanda, Merlin Joseph, Reena George, Ruma Sarkar and Himashree Roy;
  • 4x400m relay :Nirmala, Poovamma, Jisna Mathew, Vijayakumari GK, Sarita Ben Gayakwad and Debashree Mazumdar.

Dharambir Singh tested positive for banned drug

Dharambir Singh has been found guilty of using banned substance just ahead of Rio Olympics 2016 start. As per sources he has to travel to Rio on Tuesday but he missed the flight.

He is third Indian athlete to test positive of banned substance after Narsingh Yadav and Inderjeet Singh. Later Narsingh yadav found not guilty and NADA allowed him to travel to Rio.


more to follow….