India played out a draw against Saint Kitts

Indian team started with a win in last match against Mauritius in ongoing Hero Tri-Nation series, here in Mumbai. Coach Constantine swapped goal scorers from last time which will feature Balwant starting for the Team whereas Robin Singh will sit in dugout this time.
India started the proceedings for the match, and attacked with in the first 2 minutes of play with Balwant in center but failed to pass the final defense line.

A 10th minute a jackichand did some athletic moves to tap in a ball from midfield in St. Kitts box but it eventually landed in for Corner to Indian team, which in turn produces nothing.  In 15th minute oppositions Tishan played some excellent ball in India’s half which scared hosts a bit, but was safe at the end.

Balwant Singh Played some exciting game in the first half of the match and also got some good help up front from JeJe .

Real chance came in 20th minute of the game with Jeje’s pass to Narzary in right flank and the later his cross inside the box which saw Balwant headed the ball to Goal but was saved by Jamal from St. Kitts.

Later Borges got a good run till opposition box but failed to defeat the defense in the end and but wins a corner for home team, corner was well tapped by Captain Sandesh, who guided to alone man Jacki outside the box, Jacki  powered it over crossbar.

Yohannes had a good strike over Indian bars but failed to convert. In next minute Balwant and Jeje paired to play some head shots near oppositions Box, where Justin and Clyde muscled jeje in between, which saw a free kick for India just outside Box and Balwant put the ball inside the Goal but goal was disallowed due to offside by Narayan das.

After half  hour mark Saint Kitts got a free kick in India’s half which was saved by Indian custodian in gloves at the end. Some complaints from Saint Kitts dugout for which referee Dilan Perera stopped the play and had a word with the team amanagement near opposition dugout.

First goal of the match came from jackichands header in 39th minute which he received as a cross from Rowlin Borges. The header was executed perfectly and Saint Kitts goal keeper Jamal had no answer for that.

Rowlin Borges came down to business again when he passed to Jeje in 43rd minute of the play, which Jeje hit but saved by Jamal near the crossbar.

At half time India is leading the visiting side by one goal and that goal came from Jackichand’s header.

As second half started Indian team got first move near opposition Box but failed to get any constructive out of it. In return Saint Kitts also had a chance near the Indian crossbar but failed to capitalize. Real chance came in 49th minute when Kotal played a good chance but misplaced and shot wide.

In 50th minute Robin Singh had  a great run from midfield to box but he didn’t gave a pass to Jeje and lost the ball, if he had passed to jeje that might have been a Goal for India. In next minute Jeje had a great run and gave  a timely pass to Robin Singh, who lost the ball to Saint Kitts defense.

In 56th minute Eugeneson long ranger sailed over the bar. A couple of changed for host as Nikhil Poojary comes in for Jackichand and MD Rafique comes in place of Eugeneson in 61th minute.

After the changes, visitors started to make some pressure as Rogers from Saint Kitts pilled a shot over Indian bar. Indian pair of Borges and Nikhil poojary put up some good skills near opposition box but ultimately Nikhil pass to Robin which later.

Saint Kitts equalizes from the corner kick as substitute Amory Gvaune taps in from that corner. This goal came after several pressure situation in Indian box which were saved by Indian custodian near the goal post. Jinghan had some great tackles in Indian defense line and prevented many opposition strikes into Indian half.

Saint Kitts and nevis started some good play as their Kimaree, carlos and Tishan played a huge role in a good and Successful comeback. A good chance for India as Poojary sarted a good pass to Robin , who later passed to Rafique. Rafique failed to capitalized and missed the sitter.

Constantine subsituted Rowlin Borges with Anirudh Thapa in 80th minutes. As soon as Anirudh Thapa comes in to play he had good run in opposition half. Robin received brilliant pass from Das in midfield which he passed to poojary, he had a great run but failed to score or pass in final frontier.

Manvir Singh came in place of jeje in 86th minute of play his last second chance in as many games.  He missed in his second minute when Poojary passed to him and he was in almost perfect place to score but completely miss timed.

Most exciting moment came in additional minutes in second half as Robin kicked ball which hit goal post and later saved by jamal. Last five minutes were very exciting as India got chances after chances mostly poojary and Robin were involved in all but failed to convert upfront.

At the end it was a draw, both team played well and it was exciting second half at the end. Though India missed many opportunities but should take this result as we were missing many big names likes Sunil Chhetri, Udanta, Gurpreet Sandhu who all are in club duty for AFC Cup.